Frequently Asked Questions

a)     Who is a Nurse Practitioner: A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse and a mid-level practitioner educated at the graduate level. He/she is trained to provide primary, acute, chronic, and specialty care to patients of all ages including ordering and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnosing disease, formulating and prescribing treatment plans. NP training is extensive and covers basic disease prevention, care coordination, and health promotion.


b)     How do I know I qualify for your services:  You qualify for service if;

  -You are home-bound and cannot make it to your doctor's office.

  -You are unable to safely leave home unassisted and require assistance from family or friends to make it to your doctor’s office.

  - You experience a taxing effort to leave home.

  -Are tired of extended wait times during your doctor's appointments.

  -Your doctor’s office is fully booked  and you can't get an appointment for months.


c)     Do you offer urgent or emergency care services: No, we do not offer urgent or emergency care services.    Please call 911 or go to your nearest ER for urgent, life threatening or emergency symptoms.


d)     What form of payment do you accept: We accept Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurances and self payment through cash, debit or credit cards.


e)     How long does the visit take: Visit times vary. A typical initial visit usually lasts about an hour. The follow up visit(s) are shorter and will ensure you are doing well, and that the goals are being met.


f)     How do I contact you for questions: You can contact us by phone on 281-941-2704 or email: